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"Ama's Gift" an Allay about Creativity

Dani to the Students of Life --


Ever mood has its use. We can either call a mood "negative" and waste our energy fighting it, or we can politely ask it, "What are you good at doing," and use it for that. I can get very irritable. That is when I edit my own writings, and find errors and bits of ugliness that would be otherwise invisible to me.


I've been a bit ADD lately, unable to focus long on one thing, no deep mind for study. So I have been drawing and singing and listening to music. I haven't written. Tonight I did have an inspiration to write about our creative gifts.


My book, which I might entitle Writing All, is scheduled to be published this August. It is about 750 pages long and it is about developing our creative greatness -- the birthright of every man and woman. Though the emphasis is on writing well, the principle apply to all art forms, and explain how all of life is a form of art.


This Allay is an example of what is in the book, though it is mythological and the rest is often more logical.


Take care, Caretakers!



Ama's Gift



            Each man and woman is at their centermost a unique energy producing Name. To be born into the world means the great separation from Will and Need, from Freedom and Necessity, from Nature and Art. A person because real and actual when he falls away from the static bliss of nonliving matter.

            Nevertheless, we are asked to conform in this world, to be normal, to be pious and patriotic. We ought not. Not at our centermost. To return us to our native energy, to that unique energy produced from our own substance and emanated into the universe, Ama gives us a gift. We may have talents in this direction or that, but talents are useless. They win applause but they do not open your soul. Your soul, which is a mixture of the emanated inner, the love of MTTR, the Bliss of your parents, and the world of your youth -- four things -- this is the poetry of your being, and always and ever underscores your life. You live divine whether you intend it or not.

            And as there have always been allists, as the greatest men in all religions resemble each other, and the best of every man is the all of the man -- the greatest men in history or by nature Allists -- so you are always acting from within. When you conform, when you are put into the straight jacket of sanity -- creativity is madness -- you choke the flow from inner to outer, you cut off the mind of I from the inner necessity. This could lead some men and women to sell their souls to get into heaven. That is, their energy is no longer provided by their inner emanation, but from the energy of some group or religion, some external energy, which they call "God" or "State." They will achieve the heaven they so eagerly seek -- and not a step more. They will be angels but never Gods. They have rejected the Gift that opens the inner. They have sought an external form and have been conformed to it. They obsess -- they identify the divine with some static form, a given name -- "there is only one name by which men are saved" -- by a ritual, a practice, a location. They believe in names. They are not open to Language.

            Language, Mother Lux, when Language comes upon us, we are opened so all our own inner meanings come out and find the correct forms to express themselves. To open this inner soul, to open the shine and bleed of the inner creative heart, this requires recognizing the gift Ama has given us. The gift is some mean thing, something disparaged by the Group, by all groups, by SIStem herself, the world technology, so that you are shamed. By proud enough to be shamed. Accept your gift.

            That gift, which is some ability unique to you, some unique perspective, some unique power, the gift keys you into the sweet spot that lets you in to the inner of your innermost soul.

            Let every child honor his gifts, for they are the image of the Gift. The Gift is an infinite thing, symbolized by some mean external object, something that is yours and utterly yours, spiritually can never be taken away. Develop your talents, express your skills -- those are external things but they bring you good practice. If you take pride in your talents rather than the inner source of them, then you are not at all proud, but merely arrogant, you are caught in an external form. You are no better than the pious: you bow to a form rather than a fluid and indefinable reality. The name that can be named is the the eternal Name, the path that can be passes is not the eternal Path.

            Language is upon me, Goddess Lux, Ama's tongue, speaks through me; Legis takes my hand and I take his, the Logos of Legis guides my pen, that finger of Ama, and her bleed my ink -- Draw with Eros but never let the Arrow bite -- She is your High one, but not your wife. I look at the world and see such talent, but nothing I can quite admire. No person who is all, who has achieved all, so few who know how to Write All.

            Language is an oil, the deeds the thing. Yet th deed would be dead without the language to justify and substantiate it. Naming a thing ontologically changes it. Meanings create.

            Explore all your gifts in the name of your Gift. That Gift, to be received, can only be known by practicing a dozen gifts and endless talents. Creativity is the Way of God.

            Language is leaving me. I can say those words, but I can no longer mean them. I am of a new spirit.

            Success is the ability to remain cheerful through every failure. The most generous man knows how to take. It is more blessed to take than to give, when you know how to take with wisdom. What to take, when, with what words, and with what felt meaning, what posture, what feelings -- this is a deep art. A deep wonderful art.

            It is when you put yourself in a gift that you actually give something worth having. The one who created his gift in bliss will heal me. The one who sacrificed and suffered for me casts a pall and a disease over me. Do not bleed for me. Rejoice for me. The gift you enjoy giving heals, the gift that comes from personal sacrifice is a disease.

            Listen to Ama, for she will speak real words directly to your mind and heart. You know she is speaking to you when you feel proud, tender, joyful, and glowing. Whenever there is a feeling of doubt, it is not she you here, for she is true divine in that she cannot be doubted. Only those who never knew her are able to doubt.

            Explore all your gifts, all your givings. Let your bliss emanate upon all life. Be happy in the world and you bless the world. Wish for better worlds and you curse both this world and the next. Life is life and greatly to be lived. Be creative in all you do, let your own style shine. We live on this earth to cultivate our personal style. This body, this life, this place, this house may have its ugly parts, yet it is eternal. In the next cycle, the same house is metamorphosed, so that the beauty of your soul creates your new body. Our inner beauty in this life becomes our external beauty in the next life. All we feel, think, say, and do already builds into our body, into the nerves and muscles, so that when this body metamorphoses, we do not get a new body, we get the old one brought into its Imago, into its higher reality.

            Be mirrors. Mirror the world. Mirror others in how they treat you, in what they say and do, yes, but mirror them a little better. Don't shine back a man's warts, but shine back his hidden divinity. When you show a man how great he can be, and in his innermost already is, you give him his greatest gift: you show him his own hidden worth.

            There was a travelling teacher who would stay at different households who welcomed him and his teachings. He was famed for his generosity, but he never gave any gift. Instead, he showed the hidden value of something his host already owned. A young boy envied his neighbors piano skills, but could not afford a piano. All he had was a tired old guitar his father had left him. The Giver clued him to the eternal lute hidden in that old guitar.

            If you were to give a man his own soul, you would be akin to the evangelists who want to sell you what is yours by right. You already in your innermost contain all you need. The true giver gives you a little something that directs you to the source of all good: the innermost. Yet we are so averse to standing on our own and being our own -- though we think we are the opposite -- that we unconsciously resist the inner divine. How pious, how zealous, how building-smashing blessed people become to escape the inner divine! Anything to escape themselves: drugs, sex, crimes, television, clubs, churches, religions. Instead, sit in front of the mirror and reflect on yourself. You will discover the infinite goodness and utter inexhaustibility of your innermost being. The man who has discovered this needs no teacher.

            The Greeks had a myth of Cupid and Psyche. The allegory can be written straight forwardly in this manner: Love makes Gods of men and women. Love others, but don't love hypocritically, loving them because God said to, or because it is nice and makes blessed. Find something you can truly admire and look up, and find it in every person you know, even the low, the ugly, the mean, the annoying, and the stupid. Very few do we call equals, but every man is better at me in something. And each man can be himself better than I could be that self. When a man comes to his own and his himself, he begins the eternal journey, the path that cannot be passed of eternal growth. He does not retire to his private heaven and worship God as an angel, no. He grows infinitely greater, infinitely more beautiful, flows forever, lives forever, increases, shines and creates forever. This is our Way.



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