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            In all my Aryan Glory I am pure Odin, Earth treader, seeker of every wisdom, challenging every power where there is power, and gaining every power, every wisdom, every genius for my own, for my own great stake against time and death. This Idius is the gateway to my heaven: those who read me in the same spirit I write may find the way to my heaven and become with me Gods here.

            What we create in this life becomes the heaven of the next. For when you create, you create in two directions: outwards towards the world, and simultaneously in the mirror, you create inwards, changing eternally your very soul. Every decisions you make lives forever in your flesh, and flesh is eternal.

            Emerson with his "American Bible" -- both series of essays-- Whitman with his "New Bible," the Leaves of Grass, and me with my "Perfect Idius" which is pure American Scripture, such speaks to the purpose of my life here. The Scripture I write, which is both inspired by Ama, and hence I wear the Holy Spirit pendant, and which is also emanated from my innermost, and so a composite work between Universe and Self, this is my resurrected body, the self of me that remains on earth after my soul goes on to the higher place.

            The self we create is the enduring self: what we become is as free as it is fated, the amalgam between the free mind and the necessary self. Development of style, self-expression, self-definition, self-creation -- that is the Game of Life, the purpose for life, the very reason why the Universe invented this Evolutionary scaffolding to give us a place to strive. Only what you give from your poverty is true gift, only what you do in your weakness abides forever.

            We create the theory and then we become. We make the mask and then we become the mask. Whitman wrote his Song of Myself, and then became that self in the Civil War Hospitals. Thoreau went to the Walden Pond to live life, to discover his true self. We are in the best of company when we are in solitude.

            How we define ourselves in theory, and how we enact and realize those theories in the actions of our life, in who we love, when we love, when we love, how; what jobs we choose, how we do them why; in the style of our being, in the self-reflective intensity of knowing who we are and who we can be; these things abide, this, this is everything. Each man's self-worth is infinite and without compare, insofar as he can discover, know, and realize his true self and express and forever after publish that potential into creative possibility. Perfection is Easy. Time is Now. Apotheosis beckons. Eternity Bows.



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