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"Emanating a place and a language"

DANI to the students of Life:




I am picking up the pace on The Writing Life, which I intend to publish this fall. I haven't shared most of it with you -- its about 800 pages long now -- but as I work out more of the latest sections, I am eager to share them. Allism is above all the creation of a language, a language we can live within. This essay explores the themes of the Aria again, lightly -- that is, the idea of having a "room of one's one" to create, read, think, and relax in, having sacred space and sacred time where no body is allowed to transgress -- but I also explore some new terms such as "resonators" or symbols that set a field of meaning, and I also explain how I understand that symbols are to concepts as concepts are to percepts: a more comprehensive way of understanding something. With the five fold breakdown of human wisdom -- history - science / philosophy / religion - art -- the center three are layers of one thing, the study of the eternal, sensually in science, mentally in philosophy, and spiritually in religion. I do not mean faith as in something to have faith in. What I call religion and faith and the divine are self-evident, and once we come to terms, could not be disputed by any sincere person. Behind the language, we are already in agreement.


Take care, Caretakers!



Emanation of Place and Language



            The world is made of meaning. When meaning is defined, it becomes lawful and joins the world Undefined meaning outside the world -- is that not where our unnamable name also exists, that inner gravity of our hidden sun?

            And so in our world we set in place the infinite resonators. These are bits of art that evoke always a certain differentiated energy, certain meanings. They are symbols. The past is history, the projected future is art, and the eternal is in science, philosophy, and religion. Perceptions and their exact measurement against other perceptions give us science; abstractions and their working with the ideas of other abstractions gives us philosophy; symbols and their structuring of everything through reference to themselves gives us religion. Perceptions, concepts, and symbols shows the increasing height of the mind. We are all scientists, we are all scientists, we are all priests; only we emphasize more this or that. Ever man has a cosmic mind, but only a few realize it. Most Christians let their religion believe for them. They don't perform real miracles, and so the divine has not really dwelled within them. But they rest assured that somebody somewhere sometime has done a miracle, and their knowing that, "believing" that is as much as they can or should do in this world. That is why the best they could hope to are angels, like those ridiculous men who dance and sing around Jericho following the oh so divine lesson that obedience is always good even if it offends reason. They will get what they deserve.

            We set infinite resonators, and they could be the skin between two people, the relationship. Every relationship has a skin a set of living boundaries that cannot be transgressed without violence to the heart. This man is my inspirer, that woman is my temptress, but to themselves they are something else completely. I set them in place to generate the ambience necessary for my growth, and they mutually set my in place for a reciprocal role.

            I return to these friends and treat them like my personal history and like the books I study: each becomes a palimpsest, a text so buried in layers after layers of notes, as I cycle through my days, ever studying the same ideas, spiraling infinitely inwards with the spiral of backwards time and th spiraling infinitely outwards of progress, till I have comprehended a thing, and joined minds with it.

            Do I speak in our friendship of friendship? Do I talk in our marriage of marriage? But I am ever such a mirror God: a thing thrown back on itself intensifies.

            Meditation and prayer are both techniques of emotional hygiene. We pray so that we ourselves may answer them. To regularly state your desires in a humble, matter of fact, persistent, clear formulation clarifies to yourself what you must do. There need to be no God for payers to be answered, and if anything he would only get in the way.

            Actions concert affects into affects. Certain personality types create an atmosphere, an emotional ambiance, a tone. That tone is an energy field characterized by overlapping and interacting forces. A man is a center of force and energy, and stands forever situated in the flux of existence.

            It has long been my goal to make my own language and live within it. I would avoid the mistakes made by the militarily defeated warriors who revert all their energy to spiritual warfare. The Native American religion becomes supplementary, getting right what Christianity gets wrong, and so being a consequence of Christianity, lacking the audacity of original contact with the divine. Any divine contact that insist on getting it all right is doomed from the start. God makes mistakes. Perfection grows.

            The red of the west, the white of the north, the black of the south, the yellow of the east, and the brown of the middle are each resonators, just as the beehive in Salt Lake City, though suffering countless delusions, acts as a resonator, and will only grow more powerful in the world.

            Getting the flame to take, getting the seed to root, getting the thing to found its establishment, that is the hardest part, that requires the most anxious care.

            Just as the Peloponnesian wars took place only to inspire Thucydides, so too do all our lives on this earth matter to those who follow after us merely in the creation of a few terms, concepts, and above them, symbols. Our way does not follow but is nevertheless informed by tradition. We have our own traditions, but our tradition is also to create private traditions, unique to each individual, to each family, to each church. We believe in the universal traditions, and also the private traditions that we need tell nobody else about.

            We participate in a world by playing a role -- by evoking beings by name, by suggesting stories with rituals and sacraments. Our language creates layers, layer worlds over this world, which is also thick with layers. The world is infinitely thick: all planets, all heavens, all samsaras, all realities are in the air around you, in the same way that all the local radio stations are in the air around you, though you have no awareness of it.

            Books are mirrors by which we can reflect deep into the souls of geniuses, not only the individual genius of the artist, but the group genius of the world that created him just as surely as he created himself.

            We live in a world of percepts and feelings, we abstract those into concepts and ideas, we put them into words and signs, and we enact them in symbols and intuitions. The hero enacts symbols, the poet plays with signs, the philosopher defines concepts, the mystic deeply experiences perceptions and feelings.

            The Goddess cannot be mocked. Whatever you mocked isn't her. If you think you blaspheme, then you have mistaken a name or a metaphor for a meaning and reality. Her love and creativity are self-evident: those who know her need not debate, have no apologetics, have no evangelism -- those are all defensive gestures for those who lack -- but such a one is with, and having that power, creates. By silent about God. The True Divine behind all Gods needs nobody to shout from rooftops: the beauty of your life, work, love, and creativity explain everything.

            Every discipline teaches the same spiritual lessons. Build houses, paint bedrooms, paint fine art, write philosophy, plumb pipes -- analogical, they are all the same. The spiritual truths of any are equally found in all the rest. All the sciences are analogous; the schools of philosophy are at heart all exactly the same; and all religions teach the same spiritual truth: only superficial forms do the fools dispute one another over.

            The mind grows like an expanding sphere. We study a teacher intently, and then are distracted. We think we have forsaken him. But his final lesson had to come from this unrelated distraction, this personal illness, or this chore, or whatever nonsense, chance, mistake, unrelated thing noses into our life. We can only study a thing so much before the mouth of wisdom can drink no more. We are disappointed that we gave up before we understood the lesson. But in fact we are right on schedule: this was a fight we were supposed to lose. Only by trying our best, and finding that our best loses, do we in fact win, though it might be months, years, or even decades before our victory becomes known -- and how often men and women don't make the connection.

            The stairway to heaven is not a linear set. We find the next rung of the ladder in the most unlikely of places. We study this prophet, that scientists, that discipline, and then we give up, disillusions. Disillusionment is always just one more illusion, for hope is never wrong, only it must be fully understood. In the after life, nobody will be disappointed. Our own comes to us, every man gets what he deserves, and all men deserve goodness, even if reproach, punishment, and harsh lessons are in order, ultimately, goodness is the lot of mankind.

            Meaning and desire, energy and power, selection and will, are the dyads that come down to the basic mental configuration that characterizes all minds. Man has more instincts than any other animal, and because he is pulled in so many directions, he has the freedom to choose among them. The will is after all a feeble beast, a little bit of nothing that can do nothing, except with the right timing, the smallest nudge can save the entire universe. A little swerve, a moving of the electric pulse from this nerve to that, makes all the difference in the world. Habits are the servants and slaves of the mind that empower the will. Habit is throne of the will.

            The world itself is ambiguous, externally and internally. The center of the world is our unique set of habits, some which characterize all life, some that characterize mankind, some that are mind and mind alone. All needs express themselves first as unconscious fantasies, that nudge me on the path of fulfillment. As I grow more frustrated, those fantasies become more direct. Sometimes the fantasies are indirect, perhaps embarrassing, or weird, or extreme, or ugly, but ultimately all that is needed is beautiful, as life is beautiful, and merely awaits proper expression in the right environment. All that comes out of a man is good, only what goes into him can be bad. Find the right processing, the right use for all the person's expressions, and you will see he fits perfectly into his world. Find the center, stand at the middle. The place of utter control begins in the aria of your private place of study, reading, creativity, and relaxation. That is the navel of the world. That gut of digestion, that womb of creation, that is your balancing chi from which all things emanate and orbit.

            The gods do not fear the ingratitude of those who receive their gifts and blessings. Because they know their worth, the need never receive it second hand, nor dwell on the words of others what they intuitively know of their self worth. Give your gifts. If a gift is well given, it will always be well received, for though the immediate world doesn't show it, the spiritual world shows it, the mythosphere makes the truth stark. Learn to see through these eyes, and you will know that what you gave in love and power grows in the garden of the beloved's heart.

            It is embarrassing, isn't it, to share some personal creation, artistic, spiritual, and personal, and listen to the other talk of money. What money could it make? Such a one fancies she praises you when she says she would pay to listen to it, to read it, and that you should market it. But the greatest spiritual triumphs are not marketable. They are priceless.

            The immature talk of quantity since they have no eyes for quality. Yet the seed of your beauty is already taking root. It may take decades or lifetimes, but your good seed will yet bear endless fruit in this world and the next.


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