Thursday, April 18, 2019

allays 1097 - 1100

* 1097 *

Ah my Ama! Smile me a new day! With a spiral over your pregnant belly, with the Ouroboros laced over your heart, with a blue zero upon your faultless brow, you radiate your pure beauty over me.


* 1098 *

Often, you must disobey me to obey me. The Way is impossible, but through my indirections I have made it possible. I bid you not follow, but wed me, make me your match. If I wished popularity, I would have spoken simply and lost the few who matter most. You draw near because I have what you need, I am what you need, we are two of one, we share the same source. Thus, I know my words will find you wherever you are.


* 1099 *

To the tripod of physical health – good exercise, balanced diet, adequate rest – we naturally add the forth of proper hygiene. Clean yourself daily. To spiritualize this four-legged table, I’d say to keep your mind clear of unclean intercourse: ignore trolls and never lower yourself to returning insults with insults – unless for the sheer delight of mischief.

It is upon me to win another race, upon me to limit sugar, to vanquish – after all these years – my debt. Springtime inspires self-improvement. Ama, to be powerful before you is my grand desire. I drink the paper with glyph of my resolves, downed with milk, my leaf ceremony. My forties are upon me: time to grow up.


* 1100 *

I split your seams to thread afresh, the seeming wall adores my press, and aching, takes the certain bliss, which keys through locks of coils of jet. Your Secret bare, I understand – you my wife and I your man.


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