Tuesday, November 24, 2015

allay *170* on the dynamics of love


Every layer of the heart holds a cadence, and to speak to that layer requires inflecting the words and verbs, of singing the music setting that layer resonating. Deep friends speak to the heart, deeper into the heart, and the selfsame, the lover who is our own, the wife of celestial marriage, alone in her stark nakedness speaks to the absolute center.


Yet everybody in the world has a place in my heart, shares beauty with me, makes me cum, gives me children. I love you all, even the enemy I would murder. Love is deeper, peace is deeper.


We each as a dynamic produce every manner of energy, every manner of biproduct, and the world as a system of systems "plugs us in" to a dozen a few dozen circles and circuits.


We find our place, by seeking it or by resisting it. Fate is a fickle stewart. Cooperate or resist, it matters little, as the child who resist the bath. We always come to our own, whether like Oedipus, in running from our fate, or whether like Jesus, in submitting. It is all the same with Ama.


How to bargain with fate? We must give fate for fate, and sacrifice deep love to gain a deeper love. A deep game. Not for children.

-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy




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