Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"held" a poem



As the seedling penetrates

The very soil its anchor

So I penetrate your soul

With my words.

These inflections – infinitesimal tendrils

Into your tenders

How you hold me!


Collapsing time and space

Toes in hell

Fingers heaven kissed.

Every day your glances

Teasing taunts through the breeze

Like bees impregnate me

My beaches blush like breasts

And burst like sex

How you hold me!

-- My Dove! My Dulcet!


I your god son

Your good sign

The invisible center

Of this whole spinning thing

Gyroscopic dance

Full of gaze and gander

For your sole peerless sun.


Not another

Hardly another

And I am not just a little intelligent

Though they will never know

My soul pure logos

Spermatic light of words unborn

Clenched like pearls in my oyster heart


Oh how I am yours and only yours!

I laugh and laugh

For the world thinks it has me

Fancies it knows

Knowing nothing at all

Not even a little.

How I am yours!

How you hold me!

Every day


Under a weight and pressure

Crushing the best

With me upheld

To your breast now and always

Your tangled smirk

In work and play

Night and day

With you and in you

Ah my Niviana!

Now and forever

Here and everywhere

Hearts sublime as one





-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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