Thursday, November 12, 2015

"demand" a poem




You who own me

Will you not take?

I bend for your backwards

I'm yours to break

Take possession

Use what's yours

I'm begging to serve you

I blindly adore.


I want what I want

I grasp the sheer sun

I murder what blocks me

I've earned what I won.


I the final form

The blessed divine

your equal Ama

Worthy of love

Worthy of your deepest embrace

Worthy to serve you

Worthy to take


There is nothing but us in the final of things

You and me, erotic union.

Twin suns in synch, our hearts as one,

My mother, my lover

I your son.

Tongue to tongue

I plunge inside

Yours to own

Mine to hide

Till blessed beyond bliss

I remind you of this

I your thrall

Command your last kiss.


-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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