Monday, November 30, 2015

allay 177: time and eternity


Eternity is the amplitude of time. We will always exist in time, for this is consciousness, consciousness is time – mind is time, is many time frames all at once. And yet the heart is eternal. Necessity – the name, the self, the spark we are—is eternal, and conscious mind temporal, mortal, dying and living, free. Per the eternal recurrence, everything that happens to us, and everything we make happen, happens forever. Especially poignant are the circumstances surrounding our birth and death, and yet the whole mess matters.


Seasons, holidays, climate, weather, history, contemporary issues, news stories, the happenings of friends, all structure our situation. Mirror meditation, the position Mattriama took at time zero, when she differentiated herself into Mattria and Ama, is the askesis, the basis for controlling time. Meaning is the substance. Mirror meditation is the reflecting on meaning, structurating time.


In any lyric poem or 4 minute song there may be one trope that justifies the entire piece, that everything exists to put forth and make prominent, the soul of the poem, the dimple in the cheek, the spark in the eye. So each of us in our lives has a moment of glory, the anecdote the world remembers, and the rest, all the complexity, exists for that.


Structurally, we live in the logosphere of pure atomic ideas. The mythosphere of desire comes from this chaos, is the eros, the god of beauty, that adds desire to idea, making plot, narrative, making, in short, the Game of Life. And we live in the Mundane sphere, in which the mythosphere and logosphere are hidden. We forget we are gods, forget we are eternal, forget that we always exist and always shall, that we are Aya, the highest beings. Ignorance is strength. By not knowing the truth of who we are, we play the game more effectively. It takes a strong man to know the truth. And he must forget it all when it comes to the cutting point. I must be this temporary temporal nothing if I am to dare everything.


So we structurate life by making the flesh into the word, making our pith, our name, into meaning, into language, into stories. Stories are conscious, and we slowly gain our apotheosis, become angels and gods. Life is eternal. Ama is all.



-- R 88s Я --

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